About The Author

Chrissy Howe is the daydreaming writer and inconsistent humorist behind Full Metal Mommy, as well as a mom of three energetic and relentless children. As the author of a blog, and two unfinished book manuscripts Chrissy isn’t as wildly successful as she dreamed, but she’s an experienced Social Media Manager. Chrissy has gained experience in both digital marketing and professional writing while raising small kids and making maple syrup in skis. (She doesn’t ski.)
As the owner of a 150 year old “charming” home in rural Vermont, a terrible mind, and a dysfunctional family, Chrissy is also charismatic and tough as nails. Talking in third person narrative is particularly annoying for Chrissy.
This is marriage, life, and the unstaged reality of parenting. All are welcome, pull up a seat and get to know me.