And thats the kind of day I’m having

Hey guys!  I’m so thankful to still have any readers at all, thanks for the support!

To clear my mind and find a little zen let me just explode all over this page about the kind of day I’m having.

I am loving being pregnant, which is much different from how I felt 2 months ago.  That said, let’s just admit that it isn’t easy to be pregnant by any stretch of the imagination.  Growing human beings does in fact take a lot of wind out of your sails.  Now so many pregnant women and moms have to do double duty, we need to work to have food to eat and roofs over our heads.  Not all of us are so lucky as to marry the millionaire of our dreams, most of us will just settle for eternal happiness with a sweet non millionaire, sometimes we will settle for mostly happiness with some clouds.  The reality is that we are all tired and working hard just to make it by.  Well, add in the above mentioned “growing humans” and you’ve got yourself an exponentially more difficult time…

Pregnancy is beautiful, yes.  It is also a pain in the drain and will literally drain you lifeless sometimes.  This point I can not stress enough to the people who have yet to experience pregnancy and to those who never will (MEN).  Too many ladies in this day and age will unfortunately come to realize what I have come to realize; that this is in fact a man’s world we live in.  That they deem themselves stronger and therefore superior (the physical strength of men does mostly unfairly out rank that of a woman).  Men are under the impression that they have far superior mental capacity and that they think wiser and drive better than women do.  These are just a few examples out of thousands of why men think they are superior.  So why dear nature, have you delivered the terrible injustice to women that we must be the ones who carry children, birth them and nurse them while men are allowed to sit back and squibble over the “weak” plots of womanhood?

Could you please undo what has been done?  Smite those men where they stand, let lightening strike them down for having ever thought a pregnant woman as “weak” or somehow “unworthy”, we are only tired and sick because we are spending more energy then a man could ever muster to give life!  Men ought to bake cakes for pregnant woman and rub their feet, not compare pregnancy to their ability to bench press 200 lbs.  Your manly prowess in the gym is of no comparison to granting life to a human being.  Women are God-like, creators of life!  And to go to work for 8 and 10 hour shifts on your feet should grant you immunity from teasing and jest over how much more powerful men are.  If men were in fact that much more powerful wouldn’t nature have made men the givers of life in the beginning of time?  The entire universe knew from day one that any man of any species would never be capable of handling the physical and mental demands of child bearing.  So take that and mull it over while you are lifting your 200 lbs at the gym.

Yep, I’m demanding respect for my self and my baby (who ironically is a man)

I’m so tired after a long day on my swollen feet, can’t people just say a little praise for a job well done or throw out a thanks?  I instead get pushed past my body’s limit to stay at work for an extra long shift or I’m compensating for somebody else’s’ lack of motivation.  I spend my days working with people who for the most part have zero work ethic.  If you are waiting for your smoke break from the minute you get to work, then don’t waste anyone’s time and just go find work at Mcdonalds.

Something is going terribly awry in this country (and in this small town), it’s not just oil spills and wars and political and economic defeat.  It’s deeper, it’s something you can feel, not something you can tag or price or plug.  Somehow our kids are getting pregnant instead of getting high school educations, somehow these teens and young adults still don’t know how to fill out a job application.  Somehow, someway, there’s no control.  Nobody is controlling their life, or their destiny.  I see no future leaders in our youth, I see botched job applications and kids sitting behind counters at work yawning and reading us weekly.  Can somebody just diagnose the issue so we know where to start?  I’m getting so tired of feeling like I’m not only working but swimming upstream against a socio-economic tide of lethargy.  I’m way too pregnant to have to deal with that everyday.  I can’t even begin to figure out how to raise my baby in a world like that.

That’s the kind of day I’m having.

Hugs and kisses if you made it all the way through that blog post!  I promise to give a lighter hearted one next time.

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