So we begin!

Hello interested parties who like to hear what I say!  Welcome to my brain!  This is your captain speaking and I’d like to take you on a trip that begins, like most things do, at the beginning.

I’m 14 weeks into my pregnancy with child number one.  Needless to say there are a lot of thoughts that swirl inside my brain that I have simply got to get out.  When most folks hear about this baby they often ask, “was this planned?” to which you can only really say “there’s only so much about pregnancy that you can plan”.  The God’s honest truth is, yeah, I kinda got baby crazy and decided I must have one now.  To which my husband said “ok, if that’s what you want”.

We’ve been married only 6 months, we dated for 4 years though so we have a hold on this thing pretty well.  Most people are shocked to learn we’ve been married 6 months and pregnant for 4 of them.  On our honeymoon we basically decided to throw caution to the wind and stop avoiding having a baby (not technically trying) it did not take my mojo long to decide it was having a baby and force nature into delivering 2 ridiculous pink lines on a stick.  And oh, I knew before I even missed my crimson wave.  I must have peed on 10 sticks before I finally believed it.

I naturally rushed into the obgyn’s office, to which they said “come back when you’re 8 weeks sweetie”.  8 weeks? We’re they joking?  I had to wait another 3 weeks to even be seen by someone who could tell me what the heck was going on.  I relied heavily on What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  7 weeks along and We got our first glimpse at what was making me so damn sick all the time via sonogram.  Adorable but it was really killing me!  Getting pregnant is not unlike getting the flu, you’re sick, you’re tired and you look like warm death (glow? what glow?).

By the time of my next visit I was already convinced I was having a scary teenager on drugs who was failing high school and hated my guts.  My reaction was to make a list of all the horrible things I was experiencing during my pregnancy and give it to my “baby” once it’s 13 or when it starts swearing at me.  Maybe it will at least keep it from getting knocked up.  I was relieved to see in my second sonogram that it was still a baby and wasn’t piercing it’s tongue and giving me the middle finger.  Phew, I still have time to dress it up like a pumpkin and take it trick or treating.

We had the “scary test” recently which requires us to go to Dartmouth (big hospital) and get blood drawn and do a 3d ultrasound.  Still no results back until 16 weeks but keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have down syndrome or anything worse.  The little bugger was standing on its head the entire time and would not lay down, leading everyone to believe that it’s a girl.  Don’t tell that to daddy, he wants a boy.  Despite the sitting and waiting to hear our news I am having a great time, no more morning sickness (understatement), and lots of oooohing and ahhhing at cute little baby sized things in green and yellow since we still don’t know gender.    I’ve gained 4 lbs but nothing fits, it’s totally possible.  I’m in my maternity clothes and looking like I’ve gained 20 lbs, I asked the doctor to double check my weight because I could not believe 4 lbs. but it’s true!  I’m eating everything I see and yet the thought of cooking makes me nauseous.  I’m waiting to see if I get cravings but mostly I only know what I don’t want.

Those are my joys and pains in the drain of pregnancy.  These 9 months will be nothing in the scale of bringing the sweet and pooping miracle of life home to live with us forever.  Sigh.jelly bean

tiny dancer
10 weeks in

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