story of the leper

This is the story of my weekend.  The story of how I came down with leprosy.  Well, not actual biblical leprosy, just something that feels like it.  And this is also how my baby taught me a great lesson.

I decided on Friday that swimming needed to happen.  It was hot and I was just so ready for it, so husband and I packed up and took off for Spofford lake.  We layed out and took a dip and came home so that I could get ready to go to work.   After we came home I felt like I had cut my foot on a rock at the beach, but I ignored it since it didn’t hurt too bad.

After a long night of work I came home and fell asleep.  When I woke the next day I decided my foot hurt bad enough that it needed attention so I had husband try to look in between my toes for a boo boo.  He couldn’t find a cut but he did find a purplish swelling that was painful and beginning to spread down my foot.  Well oh bloody hell.

I went into panic mode because I know by now that infections can cause pre mature births and if I have a baby at 23 weeks pregnant it will surely not survive.  So we made the executive decision that I would skip work and hit up the ER.  Well the ER is usually not super effective at treating small problems, it’s more for people who break bones and spike fevers, but with a baby on the way I thought for sure this constituted immediate attention.  The nurse finally saw me and looked at my spots for about a second and came back with a diagnosis of “celluitis”.  Sounds like blown in insulation but it’s actually a deep tissue infection that spreads if untreated.  Well PHEW, wipe the sweat off of my brow, we caught the SOB.

Until the next day when the infection spread. This is where I spare you the disgusting details.  But thank you husband for spending fathers day nursing my grossness.  The pain was spreading; Uh oh.  I had antibiotics so what the hell was the deal?  Quickly after waking up on Monday I grab the phone and call every doctor I can think of.  Before I called the FBI I finally got ahold of a receptionist who could get me in for an immediate visit.

After all that what happened?  Mr physicians assistant sits down and goes, well dear, it’s athletes foot that’s gotten very infected because you’re pregnant and you have low immunities.  WTF? I ran to the ER and cried my self to sleep in pain over athletes foot?  Well regardless of the silly factor I still realized that before I got pregnant I would have let an infection fester and go untreated until it literally started killing me.  I was raised in such a way that we dealt with our pain instead of going to doctors and ERs.  Not that my parents are evil, just that they never invested in insurance for us so our pain was literally our problem.  Now that I’m an adult and married I have my own insurance which I now see as invaluable, especially because I’m a home to a tiny little helpless thing that needs me to be healthy so he can thrive.

Lesson learned, don’t ignore the cues your body is giving you.  If something hurts, something is wrong and it’s important to get it looked at.   It’s silly athletes foot but untreated the infection could have spread into my blood stream and hurt baby.  The pain I’m experiencing is difficult to deal with but the idea of being irresponsible with my sacred vessel and hurting my baby is unbearable.  So point taken universe, thank you for the message and I do respect my body.  Now kindly take your leprosy and leave.

Mommy loves you little Theo, and I’m not letting anything hurt you.  Thanks for showing mommy that she should take care of herself.

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