Squeeze a stressball, let it out.

As we are all familiar with now, pregnancy comes with a multitude of discomforts.  Today’s great development happens to be numbness of the limbs.

Husband read my first blog post and said “you sound miserable, do you hate your life?” Let me be clear, NO.  I do not hate my life, I do not hate being pregnant either.  I’m just scared out of my sorry little head and every single feeling that I get either terrifies me or excites me.  It’s very bi-polar.  I try to explain to him that if he was constipated, sweaty and shaped like a Dr. Seuss character with the emotional stability of the hulk (the green one, not Hogan) he might be looking a little sad now and then too.  I told him that he ought to get on our blog and let some things out but he maintains that he is not worthy.  I shall then have to be his proxy.  For this he should expect a slightly biased blog.

Girls names…I’m up to, Vivian, Dahlia, and Norah.  I’m hoping it’s a girl, he wants a boy, either way…it’s love all around.

On one high note, Frankies passed inspection for fire and we are one foot in the door for being open.  All I have to do now is get my ducks in a row and call some applicants for interviews.  This is my absolute least favorite part of my job.  It’s easier to fire someone than to go through an entire session of first date awkwardness  and trying to see through someones bs.  At least when I fire someone it’s because they did not serve their purpose.

Heres where I go off the deep end…

I do have to express my utter disappointment in the way people are applying for jobs nowadays.  I ask simple questions and at the end leave an open-ended statement to “explain what makes you right for this position, tell me  your experience, whats your story” I have gotten a lot of bullet point lists that say “handled money, talked to customers and bartended”.  What about that makes you right for the job?  Pay attention to the questions on an application.  I’m looking for details.  As far as the “professional” references that I’ve gotten, most people list “friend” under what was this persons position/relationship to you?  Actually I was looking for either co-worker or manager, wrong answer.   When I pick up an application from someone and they’ve filled in “whatever” to answer every question on the front page, they’re not getting hired.  Where is the motivation?  The drive? The work ethic? I was afraid to put a question on the application about “how would you describe your work ethic?”.  Because I knew I would get one answer and one answer only….”good”.  The most promising applicant yet is a mentally challenged middle aged man who wrote me a strong letter about how his desire is to work hard and earn a living.   That’s something I can respect.  The other 50 applicants need to learn a little something from that guy.

That’s my hormonal-hulk-a-licious rant for now!  A lady in my delicate condition does not need such stress. Thanks for hearing me out, if you’ve made it this far here’s a hug!

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